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The first time you bring clothes we, will go through a contract with you and then go through the items you've brought so that you'll get a much better feel about the things we accept.  It's best just to bring in a bag or two that first time.





For shoppers, it's easy - just come on in and shop and be amazed at what you find!


For new consignors it might sound complicated at first, but after your first time in, we do everything we can to make it as absolutely simple as we can.  You'll just drop your bags off and you're done! 






To be accepted for consignment, all items must be in CURRENT STYLE

(Our experienced opinion is the final judge on this.)

They must also be fresh smelling, clean, in good repair, and in season.

Any smelly, stained, torn, out of season, or out of style items found during pricing will not be put out for sale. 
Usable items that are not sellable will be passed on to a charity, but useless items will be disposed of.

No yard sale leftovers . . . . . they will be disposed of.

Trash will be treated as such.  (Might sound harsh, but we get some interesting things!)

We do the pricing . . . your account will be credited with 1/2 of the selling price of each item sold, by the 5th day of the month following its sale.

Money not picked up after one year will be forfeited.

Your sellable items will be on display for two full months plus what’s left of the month you bring them in.

Unsold items after that time will be donated to a charity.

We promise to be very careful with your things while they are in our care, but our insurance does not cover them, so they are not covered in case of fire, theft, customer carelessness, or mysterious disappearance.

Please put your full consignor number on each bag or box you bring in -  NOT JUST ON A STICKER OR PAPER TAPED TO THE BAG!  and not just once!   And for good measure, why not write it on a piece of paper and put in inside as well? We’re extremely sad each time we come to a bag with no number on it.  Seriously, it's a horrible feeling, because we know someone is going to be disappointed.





March - June   Spring and Summer

July- August - Transitional  - items you could wear year round

September - December - Fall and Winter

January - February  - Transitional - items you could wear year round


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